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Apis Mercantile is a honey company focused on creating a new food paradigm to save the bees. Our current food system relies on large, centralized agribusinesses that separate consumers from the source of their food, and relies heavily on the use of harmful pesticides that create environmental stressors for the honeybee population.

To save the bees, we need radical systemic change. We are committed to regional sourcing and partnering with beekeepers in the community’s we distribute to, reconnecting consumers with the source of their food.

Apis Mercantile sells raw honey, as well as infused honey and honeybee products.

Southern Wildflower honey is our local variety and serves as the base honey for some of our infused products like our BourbonBarrel-Aged Wildflower.

We also sell Orange Blossom honey and Bourbon Barrel-Aged Orange Blossom as well.

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