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Adluh Flour

Flour, cornmeal, stone ground grits, baking mixes and breaders.

Adluh Flour

About Adluh Flour

Adluh Flour has been operating in Columbia since 1900 and is the second oldest continually operating, electric powered, soft wheat mill in the United States. Adluh is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is a landmark in The Vista. Adluh Flour produces a wide variety of items such as: stone ground grits, flour, cornmeal, baking mixes, seafood breaders, chicken breaders, and all purpose breaders that are all South Carolina grown and South Carolina certified. Adluh Flour is recognized as the states “flour” and has been owned and operated by the Allen family since 1926.

Product List

yellow and white stone ground grits; flour; white and yellow corn meal; biscuit mix; pancake mix; cornbread mix; sweet potato mix; hushpuppy mix; seafood breaders; chicken breaders; all purpose breaders

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