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Bezzie’s Home Style Foods, Inc.

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Bezzie’s Home Style Foods, Inc.

About Bezzie’s Home Style Foods, Inc.

Mom, affectionately known to many over the years as just Bezzie, inherited her family’s recipe which originated back in the late1800’s in Orangeburg South Carolina. At the age of 13, Bezzie was chosen to carry the family’s legacy of making barbecue sauce after perfecting her uncle’s secret recipe that he only taught to her. Bezzie continues to satisfy many taste buds with this original tomato-based spicy-sweet taste that has a taste that leaves a smile on your face! Bezzie’s is available in 18 oz. bottles of Original and Hot-N-Spicy flavors and is MSG and Gluten free.

Product List

All natural tomato-based MSG, Gluten free sweet and tangy barbecue sauce

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Julia Cook Crutchfield

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